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Anaemia Star Basic Panel

Anaemia Star Basic Panel

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EDTA whole blood,Serum

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Frequently asked questions

The peripheral blood smear examines the morphology of red blood cells under a microscope, aiding in identifying abnormalities and providing insights into the root causes of anaemia.

The profile includes tests for serum iron, ferritin, and total iron-binding capacity, offering a comprehensive evaluation of the body's iron status crucial for diagnosing and managing iron-deficiency anaemia.

Yes, they play a crucial role in assessing overall blood health. Deviations from normal levels can provide additional information about potential underlying conditions that may contribute to anaemia.

By analysing parameters like red blood cell indices, healthcare professionals can identify specific patterns associated with different types of anaemia, aiding in accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment.

Haemoglobin levels directly impact the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity. Monitoring these levels helps track interventions' effectiveness and ensures timely treatment plan adjustments.

Yes, it provides a comprehensive overview of blood parameters, making it a valuable tool for early detection of anaemia and other blood-related issues, even without noticeable symptoms.

The frequency depends on the severity and type of anaemia. Regular monitoring is essential for tracking progress and adjusting treatment plans accordingly.

Severe or prolonged anaemia can impact various organs due to inadequate oxygen delivery. Regular assessments with the Anaemia Profile Basic help in preventing complications.

Alongside medical interventions, a diet rich in iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid can support the body's ability to produce healthy red blood cells, contributing to anaemia management.

Yes, the profile applies to individuals of all ages, and early detection through such comprehensive assessments ensures timely intervention and improved outcomes across different demographics.

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