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Pregnancy Is a Crucial and Emotional Point in Every Woman

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Updated: 12 Oct 2023
Published: 02 Jan 2020
Pregnancy is a crucial and emotional point in every woman

Pregnancy is a crucial and emotional point in every woman’s life. Hence, a woman must intake the necessary proteins and vitamins for good health of the baby as well as herself. It also leads to complication-free pregnancy, thus ruling out all the risks involved.

Prenatal vitamins are necessary for the baby’s health, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D particularly, as they develop baby’s skeleton and nervous system. Vitamin D is an essential factor in bone metabolism as it regulates the flow of calcium and phosphate equilibrium during pregnancy.

Effects of lack of Vitamin D on the mother and the baby

Deficiency of vitamin D can be quite common in pregnant women and it is said that it may lead to increased risks of gestational diabetes mellitus, pre-eclampsia and other conditions related to tissues. Lack of vitamin D deficiency may further affect the child after birth too. Rickets is a childhood vitamin D deficiency and may develop many months after delivery.

To avoid this, the mother has to make sure she supplements her body with sufficient vitamin D during pregnancy. Pathkind labs encourage to-be mothers to take these prenatal tests and regulate intake of vitamin D, thus making them understand its importance.

Here’s the gist of the harmful conditions and how to avoid them:

Pre-eclampsia: It is a condition wherein the pregnant woman may develop high blood pressure, and her urine contains a high level of proteins, denoting kidney problems. This condition may lead to reduced growth of the fetus or preterm birth.

Gestational Hypertension: It is a condition in which a woman has high blood pressure, around 140/90 without the presence of protein in the urine. This condition may lead to slow growth of baby, premature delivery, and low birth-weight.

Other complications: Deficiency of vitamin D may cause hypertension, pre-eclampsia, and increased rates of cesarean section.
Low levels of vitamin D is also associated with increased risk of types of cancer, neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, which may cause complications during birth.

To avoid these conditions, the mother has to make sure she supplements her body with sufficient vitamin D during pregnancy.

Why is Vitamin D important during pregnancy?

Vitamin D is needed not only by pregnant women, but it is also essential for the smooth functioning of human health. It is essential for muscle and bone contraction, nerve conduction, general cellular function, etc.

In the case of low Vitamin D during pregnancy, additional Vitamin D supplements might be needed for the health of the baby and reduced pregnancy risks.

Low maternal vitamin D is also associated with wheezing cough and asthma in the child. It may lead to various respiratory viruses and infections, as well as rickets.

Factors like the color of the skin, coverage, gastroenterological conditions, obesity, etc. Low calcium concentration in the body, alcohol abuse, bone pain, a previous child having rickets may be some of the symptoms denoting the insufficiency of vitamin D in the woman.

How can pregnant women increase the intake of Vitamin D?

Some of the sources of vitamin D are:

Exposure of body to the early morning sunlight 5-10 min of exposure of arms and legs)

  • Intake of fish
  • Eggs, especially egg yolk
  • Fortified foods like milk
  • Salmon
  • Cod and shark liver oil

However, the best way to make sure that an adequate amount of Vitamin D reaches the body is through supplementation.

How the problem can of Deficiency of Vitamin D be tackled?

The answer is simple: Supplementation of Vitamin D.

Pathkind labs are among the best of pathology laboratories offering a wide range of tests and adequate supplementation of vitamin D by determining the content of vitamin D needed for the mother and her baby.

Research says that all pregnant and breast-feeding women should consume at least 10 micrograms of vitamin D supplements daily. They must be well informed about the importance and cautioned about the risks involved in the negligence of supplementation of Vitamin D.

The average prenatal vitamin contains around 400IU of vitamin D which isn’t sufficient, so additional supplementation should be taken. Pathkind labs avails this additional supplementation at affordable rates and enhanced diagnostic equipment, thus keeping in mind the well-being of both -mother and the baby. If you are an expecting mother and need any detailed information, Pathkind labs are your one-stop solution.

When it comes to supplementation, there are two supplements:

Ergocalciferol- A vegetarian form of vitamin D.

Cholecalciferol- An animal-sourced form.

Depending on our lifestyle and doctor’s recommendations, the supplement suitable for the expecting mother should be taken.

Expecting mothers should make sure that they get suggested amounts of vitamin D during pregnancy for both their well-being as well as the safe and healthy development of their baby.

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