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Symptoms & Treatment of Nipah Virus Infection - The Ultimate Guide

Dr.Ayushi Bansal 571 Views
Updated: 19 Jan 2024
Published: 13 Jun 2018
Treatment of Nipah Virus Infection

The recent outburst of “Nipah virus” in Kerala has created a state of fear throughout the country. With nothing much known about the virus and no proper treatment and vaccines available, it has become extremely important to get educated about what the virus really is, how it spreads and how can we protect ourselves from it.

Origin of Nipah Virus

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Nipah Virus Infection is a disease which is transmitted to humans from animals, and belongs to the category called as “zoonosis”. The virus is rare, highly contagious, and prevention or early detection are the best ways to deal with it.


While fruit bats are the main source of transmission of Nipah virus, it can also be transmitted by:

  • Direct skin contact with infected bats
  • Livestock and infected bats
  • Bat excreta and shedding
  • Droplet infection
  • Fruits bitten by infected bats
  • Infected person’s body fluid and coughing

Nipah Virus Symptoms

Generally, the symptoms of Nipah virus appear between 5-14 days after the infection strikes, and require immediate medical attention. Some of the symptoms of the infection include:

  • Abnormal breathing
  • Fever and headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle pain
  • Drowsiness and disorientation
  • Encephalitis

Treatment of the Virus

Unfortunately, there is no Nipah virus vaccine currently available. Patients who feel even slight flu like symptoms or any other symptoms mentioned above should seek immediate medical attention. The infected person needs to be hospitalized without any delay for proper care.


Due to lack of availability of proper treatment and vaccination, it is highly essential to stay far away from this deadly virus. Some of the measures to prevent the spread of Nipah virus include:

  • Thoroughly washing the fruits before consuming
  • Don’t consume fruits from areas where the virus has already spread
  • Check fruits before consuming and ensure they are not bitten
  • Avoid drinking palm sap
  • Properly wash fruits like jamun and jackfruit since bats feed on them
  • Prevent bats from making a nest in or near your home
  • Wear a face mask in public places
  • Avoid direct skin contact with an infected person and livestock
  • Immediately visit a doctor if you see any of the Nipah virus symptoms
  • Make barriers at your home to prevent the entry of bats
  • Wash your hands more frequently
  • Spread awareness

Due to the spread of Nipah virus in India, the entire nation is in a state of panic. A Nipah virus pathology test is highly recommended for anyone suffering from the above mentioned symptoms. Early detection of the disease in the Nipah virus test can greatly help in saving the life of an infected person.

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