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Covid 19

Tips to Follow for an Easier Post-Covid-19 Recovery

By: Pathkind Labs 07 Jul 2021 532 Views
post-COVID-19 recovery

COVID-19 has changed the way of life irrevocably across the globe since last year. While newer strains of the infectious disease are being discovered off late— the recovery rate is increasing in all age groups across the world. Whether the patient was hospitalized or home quarantined, beating COVID-19 is only half the battle won since the disease leaves a lasting impact on the body. Even weeks after testing negative, many people continue to have post-COVID-19 symptoms like fatigue, breathing problems, joint pain, chest pain, and foggy memory among others.

As the recovery speed differs from person to person, it is extremely important to follow a proper post-COVID-19 recovery routine. Here are some tips you can follow for a smoother recovery:

Take rest

The period right after beating COVID-19 is the most important for recovery and prevention of infections. Doctors recommend home isolation to give the patient complete rest. During this period, avoid any physically exhausting activities and take a break from normal daily routine to give your body the rest it needs to recover.

Have a healthy diet

The right kind of food and fluids can make your road to recovery extremely easy. Make sure that you eat a protein-rich diet as it accelerates healing. Lentil soups, meat stew, boiled eggs, nuts, and seeds are the easiest ways of incorporating protein into the diet.

Practice breathing exercises

Lungs are the most affected by COVID-19 so it is important to make them stronger again. Regularly do breathing exercises with the help of a spirometer, blow a balloon or lie stomach-down in the proning position to expand the lungs and regulate breathing.

Follow doctors’ instructions

Medicines are essential in dealing with post-COVID-19 symptoms. Do not skip your medicines and remember to complete the full prescription. Additionally, keep a check on the SpO2 levels with the help of an oximeter.

Keep an eye on other symptoms

Given the rise of post-COVID-19 related health complications, be alert of anything that doesn’t feel normal. If you are feeling feverish, breathless, dizzy, or if you are having hot and cold flashes— inform the doctor immediately.

Get vaccinated

If you have been infected with COVID-19, you are immune for a few months after the recovery. However, you can still get infected later. To avoid the risk of getting infected again, get vaccinated after 3 to 6 of testing negative.

While most of the post-COVID-19 symptoms pass with time, the actual recovery process takes longer. Avoid alcohol, smoking, consuming tobacco, and physically rigorous activities to improve your healing process. In the meanwhile, consult your doctor in case of any questions while following the above tips on the journey to recovery.

* All the information above is for educational purposes only. For medical advice, always consult a doctor or visit your nearest hospital.

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