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Covid 19

After COVID Precautions You Must Follow

By: Pathkind Labs 22 Jun 2022 390 Views

What is the post COVID-19 condition?

Many infected people face COVID-19 symptoms even after their recovery period, leading to them not taking a second COVID-19 test. The reason why they may still face these symptoms is because the person’s immune system may take several more days to clear the virus completely from the system. Around 10-20% of infected people experience mid and long-term mild symptoms and difficulties even after they recover fully from the infection. 

Some people take their post covid recovery symptoms lightly, as they are not aware of the post covid recovery precautions. They may feel fine, but, at certain points, they might experience nausea and fatigue. And since they are not well versed with the fact that they are supposed to take precautions for a good period of at least 6 months, they do not register that their symptoms may increase and get worse with time.

Who is at most risk of developing post COVID-19 condition?

Anyone who gets infected with COVID-19 infection can relapse into a post covid condition. These patients go on to develop prolonged illnesses that may result in post COVID-19 conditions. Under certain cases, some patients might need to get a vitamin D test for resistance to certain diseases and to make sure that calcium is absorbed by the body. 

What are some of the symptoms of post COVID-19 infection?

Post COVID-19 symptoms may vary from person to person depending on their age, health status and immune systems. People must make it a point to get preventive health checkup packages in order to maintain a healthy life. 

Post COVID-19 symptoms may include general symptoms, respiratory and heart symptoms, neurological symptoms, digestive symptoms and other symptoms. 

1. Respiratory and heart symptoms:

- Consistent cough

- Shortness of breath

- Difficulty in breathing

- Rapid breathing AKA palpations of the heart

- Acute chest pain

2. General symptoms: 

- Fever

- Fatigue 

- Tiredness 

- Muscle pain

3. Neurological symptoms:

- Needle like feeling on the skin

- Change in smell

- Change in taste

- Throbbing headache

- Change in sleep patterns- insomnia and hypersomnia

- Brain fog

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Lightheadedness and dizziness especially while standing up

4. Digestive Symptoms:

- Recurring diarrhea 

- Constant stomach pain

- Loss of appetite 

5. Other symptoms: 

- Change in menstrual cycle in women 

- Joint pains

- Muscle pains

- Rashes occurring randomly across the body

While these symptoms may seem very common when compared to the infection itself, however, these symptoms can keep occurring for longer periods of time. There is no specific treatment to these symptoms, but post COVID precautions are advised to all the patients who are infected with the virus.

When do the symptoms of post COVID-19 condition occur?

Post COVID-19 condition may get prolonged from the initial illness and can also occur post recovery. These symptoms generally carry on for more than the time period of the initial illness. This condition is diagnosed 3 months after the initial COVID-19 infection. Scientists and doctors are still conducting further research based on this condition. The symptoms are said to fade with time, along with post COVID recovery precautions.

What is the treatment for post COVID symptoms?

COID-19 infection being one of the deadliest infections causing uncountable deaths, sadly, there is no particular treatment for post COVID symptoms. However, patients are advised to incorporate breathing exercises, therapy for anxiety and depression, a balanced diet, meditation, exercises for the body, etc. To monitor the infection and its symptoms, it is also advisable to get  a COVID-19 test at a nearby pathology lab.

How long do these symptoms last?

There is no particular time frame as to when these symptoms will completely disappear, but, as research suggests, infected patients may experience these symptoms for a few weeks to a few months, depending upon the case. Improvement is possible with proper post covid precautions.

When to see a doctor for post COVID symptoms?

Be it any infection, if the symptoms are not in the position to reduce at home itself, one must make sure to seek medical help. Conditions like sharp and unbearable chest pain, excessive sweating, difficulties in breathing, and severe coughing are signs that one must go and see a doctor for and refer to health checkup packages. 

How to prevent post COVID-19 condition?

Post COVID-19 condition can be prevented by getting vaccinated on time. This will enable the immune system to fight the virus from further developing and control severe symptoms. 

What are the post COVID-19 precautions that one must follow?

Infection or no infection, COVID-19 pandemic has made us all learn the importance of good health. Once infected, you must have realized that even a minor temperature can cause a hefty amount of discomfort. The most important preventive measure is to get vaccinated against the virus and complete all the doses of the vaccine. Furthermore, after covid precautions are not really different from the preventive measures taken during the pandemic. It is advised to wear a mask which covers the mouth and nose, frequent hand washing, and sanitize whenever necessary.

Another important factor is to have a healthy and balanced diet to be able to recover properly from the initial infection, and to continue as a precautionary measure. 

The best idea is to get a test whenever symptoms arise which in itself is a precautionary measure. COVID-19 test can be booked through an online lab test.

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