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Tips to Prevent a Heart Attack

Dr. Pankaj Mandale 1435 Views
Updated: 17 Jan 2024
Published: 11 Mar 2019
prevent a heart attack

Heart attacks & strokes are perhaps the deadliest form of cardiovascular diseases with a fatality rate of over 80%. The fast paced lifestyle that people lead nowadays mean that more & more people are susceptible to be affected by a heart attack or stroke. While such diseases mostly come announced, it is still possible for individuals to take measures to prevent it.

Here are some simple tips to ensure you steer clear of any cardiovascular diseases:

  • Make time for cardio exercises: Engaging in cardio exercises helps one keep their cardiovascular system in its best capacity, thus clearing any blockages that could lead to complications at a latter stage. One can opt for indoor cardio exercises like a treadmill or an elliptical, or even just simply go out for a jog to pump up their heart.

  • Control your weight: Engaging in the above mentioned point can automatically help control your weight. Other practices would also include watching what you eat & limiting one’s sugar intake. If you are unsure about what you to eat & what to avoid, schedule an appointment with a dietitian to help you develop a healthy diet plan
  • Say no to cigarettes: Nicotine narrows & restricts blood flow patterns, thus leading to problems related to your cardiovascular system. If you already smoke cigarettes, it is advisable to find a way to gradually stop it. During the process of quitting smoking, people often end up gaining weight, so it is also important to find healthier ways to maintain the balance
  • Control your blood pressure: It is advisable for everyone to aim a blood pressure level of 130/80 to stay clear of any cardiovascular complications
  • Book a Heart Checkup: It is always a good idea to book a hearth health checkup which helps the doctor to determine the health of your cardiovascular system. These full heart checkup packages different heart related blood tests giving you a comprehensive analysis of your heart

Book a complete heart health checkup package today.

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