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The Toxic Relationship between High Blood Sugar levels & Insomnia

By: Pathkind Labs 17 Feb 2019 176 Views
High Blood Sugar levels & Insomnia

If you are someone who has trouble catching sufficient sleep at night despite normal conditions, it is well advised to have yourself checked for diabetes. Medical experts had decoded the relationship between the two years back, however, it was only recently that they could understand how the correlation actually comes to play.

How is lack of sleep causing your blood sugar levels to rise?

Various researches have come to the conclusion that lack of sleep can be a direct causative factor of increase in blood sugar level. Not getting sufficient sleep leads to an increased release of free fatty acids in your blood. These fatty acids reduce insulin insensitivity & also curb your body’s capability of metabolizing fat. It is even established that even a single sleepless night can cause your body to release as much as 30% more fatty acids. It also restricts your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar by nearly a quarter. So think twice before you think it is alright to stay up late at night even if it is occasionally.

And that is not the end of it. Blood sugar levels also has an equally harmful impact on your sleep. Diabetes causes you to experience disturbed sleepless phases, thus reducing the quality of your deep sleep. Here are some more effects diabetes has on your body which leads to deteriorated sleep.

  1. Nocturia: Diabetics often have to wake up in the night in order to urinate, which is a result of uncontrolled blood sugar levels. The higher the quantity of sugar in your blood, the more you may need to visit the washroom at night
  2. Restless Leg Syndrome: High blood sugar levels also leads to a constant need to continuously move your legs uncontrollably while sitting down or trying to sleep. We don’t need to explain why this could damage your quality of sleep
  3. Peripheral Neuropathy: High blood sugar levels can also cause numbness and/or a burning sensation, making it all the more difficult to sleep at night. This is caused by nerve damage in the legs of people suffering from diabetes
  4. Sleep Apnea:Type 2 diabetes comes with Sleep Apnea, which is a condition where you experience pauses in breathing, which naturally results in waking up at night. If untreated, this can increase to a largely uncomfortable level leading to incomplete sleep

How to tackle these problems & get a good night’s sleep?

Studies into the causes of diabetes & the issues resulting from it has helped doctors devise solutions for a patient to manage a proper night’s sleep.

  1. CPAP machines are the most common solutions that doctors recommend to tackle Sleep Apnea. This machine helps keep your airways unblocked, thus eliminating snoring & pauses in breathing
  2. Medications prescribed by doctors often help overcome Peripheral Neuropathy & Restless Leg Syndrome
  3. Doctors often prescribe pain relievers to eradicate the pain in your legs or atleast make it tolerable

Apart from medications, there are steps that can be taken from an individual’s side to help overcome these issues. For anyone who is trying to do this, it is vital to understand what to eat & what not to. Sticking to healthy sources of nutrients, like fruits, vegetables & whole grains can help do that. Exercising is another way to keep your blood sugar in control. It also helps reduce body weight, which again aids in fighting your way away from diabetes. It is also important to know what is the normal range for blood sugar & keep monitoring it so you can take proper steps before things get too serious. So, book a blood sugar test right now at Pathkind Labs!

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