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What is a Full Body Health Check-up & Why is it Important?

By: Pathkind Labs 15 Aug 2022 237 Views
Full Body Health Check-up and it's importance

What is a full body health check up?

“Prevention is better than cure”. This is a saying that we have all been hearing since our childhood. But, how often do we practice that? Due to our busy lives, we have stopped caring about our bodies, we have forgotten how to take care of it, and we are also misguided and unknown to many health issues.

In order to take care of our health from the very beginning, doctors and specialists believe that an annual or a full body health check-up is important to understand our bodies. However, a lot of people do not take it seriously, and pay heavier prices later in terms of bad health that is beyond recovery.

You may think what is a full body check-up- in simpler terms, it is the examination and evaluation of your whole body, including all your organs, bones, joints, muscles, etc. The parts are evaluated and are looked for any underlying health conditions that do not have any symptoms. Sometimes, a full body health check-up is also performed when a person might face some symptoms and the condition or the reason for the same are unknown. The symptoms could be fever, unexplained pain in any part of the body, nausea, etc.

What does a full body check-up include?

A full body check-up offers an overall assessment of all the organs and systems of the body with a wide range of tests ensuring a smooth functioning of the body. Since many diseases and health issues do not show any symptoms, it is recommended to get an annual body check up, or a full body check-up two times a year.

In a whole body check up, more than 60 tests are performed to confirm the health of all the organs and other body systems. These tests may include:

  1. Complete blood count (CBC)
  2. Sugar
  3. Haemogram
  4. Lipid profile test
  5. Anemia extended panel
  6. ECG
  7. Test X-ray
  8. MRI
  9. Pulmonary function test
  10. Thyroid
  11. Blood urea nitrogen
  12. Vitamin check
  13. Lungs function tests
  14. Cardiac tests
  15. Ultrasounds
  16. ESR blood test

This is only a short list of all the basic tests performed. You can visit Pathkind labs for a full body check-up package.

Why should you get a full body health check-up?

The simple answer is: you should. After a certain age, we start taking our health for granted. We do not think about the adverse effects of our lifestyle and eating habits. Our lifestyle tends to become more important than our health itself. Which is exactly why you must make it a routine to go for a whole body health checkup. This way, your health is prioritized and your body is ready to fight in case of any health issues.

Reasons why you should get a full body health check-up?

You do not need a reason to go for a health check-up. It must be another lifestyle choice that you must make for yourself. However, certain benefits are associated with a full body health check-up. These are:

  1. Saves time and life:

    A full body health check-up will save your time in case any disease or a health issue is detected. This way, your life will be saved and your body will get time to heal properly. The aim is to prevent health issues that are preventable.

  2. Early detection of diseases:

    In a whole body health check-up, all organs and body systems are tested and evaluated. If there are any issues that are detected in the early stages, then the disease or the problem could easily be tackled with proper medication and treatment.

  3. You are not in the dark:

    A whole body health test exposes you to new information about your body, which otherwise you would not have known. This way, you also avoid unforeseen circumstances.

  4. Monitors your health:

    A complete body health checkup monitors your entire body’s health and evaluates the overall condition of the body.

What are the risk factors affecting your health?

There are various risk factors that may require a whole body health assessment. These risk factors could be life threatening, and may need proper treatment before they get worse. These risk factors are:

  1. Excessive smoking
  2. Excessive drinking
  3. Obesity
  4. Consumption of junk and unhealthy food items

Who needs a full body health check-up?

Everyone needs a full body health check-up. Age is not a factor that will decide the case. For people who are already diagnosed with chronic illnesses such as heart problems, cancer, arthritis, or kidney issues, it is recommended to get a full body health check-up without fail.

For people who are:

  1. Diagnosed with cancer
  2. Obesity
  3. Above the age of 50 years
  4. Facing symptoms like heavy breathing, or consistent cough

They must get a whole body health check-up to keep their health on track.

If you are still not sure what to do, search “full body health check-up packages” at Pathkind Labs and book your appointment today!

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