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Why is it Important to Know Your Blood Type and Rh factor?

Dr. Rahul Verma 2379 Views
Updated: 17 Jan 2024
Published: 13 Feb 2018
Blood Type and Rh factor

Quite often, people tend to ignore the blood type they have considering it as unimportant. Although hospitals always check your blood type before any surgery or blood transfusion, it is still imperative that you are aware of your blood type and Rh factor.

The blood group of a person indicates the presence or absence of antigens and antibodies in his/her blood. There are four types of blood groups, namely A, B, AB and O. The Rh factor determines whether your blood group is positive or negative. If you have O blood group and a positive Rh factor, you are O+.

Below mentioned are the reasons why you should be aware of your blood group and Rh factor:

  1. Medical Emergencies:

    Blood transfusion with an incompatible blood type can result in the clumping of blood cells. Even though hospitals will carry out a test, it is always better to know your blood group in advance. Being aware of your blood group will help you avoid the life-threatening dangers arising due to blood transfusion with an incompatible blood type during emergency.
  2. Pregnancy:

    Pregnant women should be well aware of their blood group to prevent Rh incompatibility. If the mother and her child have different Rh factor, it can result in a serious condition known as hemolytic disease or hemolytic anemia wherein the body of the woman acts allergic to the baby. If the blood group is known in advance, this condition can be avoided with an injection of a particular blood product.
  3. Identifying Disease Risks:

    Several researches have shown that some blood groups are at a higher risk of certain diseases while others are not so much. For example, blood groups A, B, and AB are more prone to blood clots and heart diseases. The risk of pancreatic cancer is highest in Type B and AB while O has the lowest risk of strokes.
  4. Blood Donation:

    During medical emergencies, specific blood types are urgently required. Knowing your blood group will help you donate blood for the particular urgent need. Also, awareness of your blood group is the first step if you want to be a bone marrow donator.
  5. Following a Specific Diet:

    It is a popular belief that eating a diet based on your blood type, commonly known as Blood Type Diet, actually makes you healthier. For example, people with blood type O are recommended a high-protein diet while Type A are suggested to eat more fruits.

If you’re still unaware of your blood type and Rh factor, go for a blood test immediately to live a more secure and healthier life.

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