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Dengue Virus IgG Antibodies

Dengue Virus IgG Antibodies

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IgG antibodies against dengue infection are found in your blood using this straightforward test. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus bite humans to spread the virus to them. The midday hours are often when this insect attacks. Dengue virus is the pathogen that causes dengue. The term "break-bone fever" also applies to dengue illness. This infection, which can result in severe illness and even fatality, is widespread in some locations.ย 

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Dengue Virus IgG Antibodies

Frequently asked questions

Mosquitoes that reside in tropical and subtropical regions that are infected with the dengue virus spread the virus to people. The dengue virus or antibodies created in response to a dengue infection are found by blood tests.

  • Check for a second dengue infection
  • To learn if a person has ever had a dengue illness
  • Analysing the healing following a dengue diagnosis
  • To monitor the effects of the Dengue vaccine thereafter

After travelling to the infection-prone regions where the dengue virus is prevalent, testing may be required if a person exhibits dengue-related symptoms. Principal warning signs and symptoms include:

  • Rapidly rising fever (104ยฐF or 40ยฐC)
  • really painful headache or eye discomfort
  • discomfort in a joint, muscle, or bone
  • bleeding gums and nose
  • Quick bruising
  • insufficient white blood cells

Dengue IgG positive denotes the presence of IgG antibodies to the dengue fever virus in your blood sample. This can be a sign of an infection from the past or present.

Physical signs, such as rash or sore joints, are not a good way to diagnose dengue fever since they sometimes don't manifest until after the first fever has subsided.

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