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Frequently asked questions

APS indications: repeated miscarriages, mysterious blood clots, and issues with different organs.

In various autoimmune conditions, antiphospholipid antibodies may surface, highlighting the crucial need for a comprehensive clinical evaluation.

Regular checks and follow-up tests are advised to gauge the efficacy of treatment and modify medication as required.

While APS can occur in anyone, certain factors such as family history and autoimmune diseases may increase the risk.

No, a positive test result indicates the presence of antibodies, but further clinical evaluation is needed for a conclusive diagnosis.

Complications tied to APS: stroke, pulmonary embolism, and harm to organs such as the kidneys.

While anticoagulants are common, individualised treatment plans may involve additional medications and lifestyle modifications

Embracing a healthy lifestyle with routine exercise and a balanced diet can enhance well-being and lower the chances of complications.

APS poses a risk to pregnancy, and specialised care, including blood-thinning medications, may be recommended to improve outcomes.

APS is not extremely rare, and increased awareness has led to more diagnoses, especially in individuals with specific risk factors or symptoms.

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