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Stay Warm and Cozy this Winter with These Tips to Fight Cold Virus & Fever!

Dr Rishika Agarwal 200 Views
Updated: 27 Feb 2024
Published: 22 Feb 2024

As the winter season approaches with its chilling winds and snowy scenery, it also brings along a not-so-welcome guest - the cold virus. With a little bit of preparation and some strategic tips, you can stay warm and cozy this winter while also fighting off any potential cold virus or fever.

Fear not, as in this blog post we will discuss some useful tips that will help you fight off cold virus and fever during these chilly winter months.

From incorporating certain foods into your diet to adopting healthy habits, we've got you covered with practical advice that will keep you healthy and happy this winter season. So, grab a cup of hot tea or cocoa and read on to learn how you can stay warm and cozy while also boosting your immunity against common illnesses!

Common Cold Diseases

The common cold is, as the name implies, a very common illness that affects millions of people each year. Although colds are typically mild, they can be incredibly uncomfortable and disrupt your daily routine. With symptoms such as a runny or stuffed nose, coughing, and a sore throat, having a cold can make even simple tasks like breathing difficult.


The cold virus and fever are an infection of the upper respiratory system caused by a virus. There are more than 200 viruses that can cause the common cold, but rhinoviruses are the most common. The viruses enter the body through the nose or mouth, usually when someone touches a surface contaminated with the virus and then touches their face. That's why washing your hands frequently is critical to prevent colds.


The symptoms of a common cold usually begin 2-3 days after exposure to the virus and can last up to 10 days. The symptoms can include:

  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Body aches
  • Sneezing


While there is no cure for the common cold, several remedies can help alleviate the symptoms and make you feel better. Here are some remedies that may help:

  1. Get plenty of rest: Rest is essential to fighting off an infection and allowing your body to heal.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids: Staying hydrated can thin out mucus and make it easier to breathe.
  3. Use a humidifier or vaporizer: Moist air can help relieve a stuffy nose.
  4. Try saline nose drops or spray: This can help reduce stuffiness and ease congestion.
  5. Over-the-counter medication: Pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can help reduce a fever and relieve pain.

Fever and Cold Symptoms

  • Fever is one of the most common responses of the body to infections. The hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for temperature regulation, releases chemicals in response to infections that raise the body's temperature, making it inhospitable for pathogens to thrive. 
  • Fever can make you feel weak, drowsy, and have chills or sweats. It can also cause muscle aches and headaches, which can be relieved by taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Drinking plenty of fluids and getting ample rest is also essential in combating fever.
  • Cold symptoms, on the other hand, are manifestations of the immune system's response to infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Symptoms of colds include a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, head cold with fever, congestion, and headache. 
  • These symptoms usually tend to linger for five to ten days, and for some people, they can last several weeks. The most effective way of alleviating the symptoms of cold is by getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, gargling with saltwater, and taking over-the-counter medications like decongestants, cough suppressants, and pain relievers.
  • In some cases, fever and cold symptoms may become more severe, indicating a more severe infection or underlying health issue. These symptoms include high fever, coughing up blood, severe chest pain, confusion, severe headache, and shortness of breath. 
  • If you or someone close to you is experiencing any of these cold virus and fever symptoms, it's important to seek medical attention immediately, as they may require urgent medical attention.

As winter draws closer, we must remind ourselves to not just survive the cold weather but thrive in it. By following these simple tips and tricks, you will be able to stay warm and cozy while keeping yourself healthy and free from any cold viruses or fevers. Remember to keep your body well-nourished and hydrated, stay active and get plenty of rest.

Don't underestimate the power of alternative remedies such as ginger tea or turmeric milk. And most importantly, always prioritize good hygiene habits to avoid spreading germs during this season. But if you do fall ill, don't hesitate to seek professional help in diagnosing and treating any potential illness.

That's where our partners at Pathkind Labs come in - with their top-notch diagnostics services available at your convenience. With their unwavering dedication to providing superior quality services and making them accessible for all, you can rest easy knowing that your health is in good hands. So, let's brace ourselves for a wonderful winter ahead filled with warmth and good health!

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