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Culture, Stool

Culture, Stool

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The stool test is used to detect stomach problems and digestive tract infections. It is also known as bacterial culture or faeces culture. In this test, your stool is analysed for the presence of a virus, bacteria, or other germs. Some digestive problems, like diarrhoea, may not go away on their own, and then you need to visit your doctor. Your doctor may order some tests to see if there is an underlying cause for abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhoea, or vomiting. A stool culture may be done as part of a number of tests that your doctor will order to determine the reason behind all these symptoms.

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Frequently asked questions

You should ensure not to mix the stool with water or urine as it can alter the accuracy of the results. It is also important to place the sample into the container using a small spatula or spoon. Make sure that your stool is watery and loose and ensure that it doesnโ€™t touch the toiletโ€™s inside portion.

After your sample is sent to the lab, the technician will smear it inside a special sterile plate to help the bacteria grow. If bacteria is detected, it will be examined closely under a microscope. Typically, you should get results within two to three days.

You should consult your doctor and discuss your stool test results. The doctor may ask you to get some more tests to detect other infections or understand the reason behind your symptoms. They may even prescribe medications depending on your test results.

You may be ordered a stool test if you have diarrhoea that lasts more than a week. This test can also be ordered if you have cramping, stomach pain, high fever, or poop containing blood or mucus.

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