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How to reduce the risk of getting sick?

By: Pathkind Labs 05 Feb 2020 176 Views
reduce the risk of getting sick

Getting sick is closely associated with coughs, cold and flu most people get infected from time to time as the viruses causing these conditions are present in the air all-year-round, and more prominently in fall and winter seasons. They are all forms of viral diseases and can be quite chronic if not taken proper medication.

Many people, these days, easily catch a cold or flu and hence, here are some ways by which you can reduce the risk of getting sick to maintain your health.

  1. Get your flu shot regularly i.e. get vaccinated

    Make sure you get vaccinated against the flu so that you can protect yourself as well as people around you from getting infected. It is recommended that everyone from six months of age and older should get their flu shots regularly to prevent catching flu or getting sick. Pathkind labs provide check-ups and flu-vaccinations to make sure that you do not fall sick.
  2. Make sure you wash your hands regularly

    Your hand gets in contact with a lot of unhygienic things throughout the day, be it touching something or shaking hands with someone. Therefore, it is advised that you should wash your hands regularly with soap so that maximum germs get down the drain.
  3. Maintain a healthy diet

    Having a good working immune system keeps one from getting sick. Hence, it is necessary to include vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet as they regulate your immune system and make it germ-resistant.
  4. Indulge in work-outs

    The workout doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hit the gym and do vigorous exercise. Going for a jog or doing exercises at home is also enough. Sweating out your body makes it strong and enhances one’s immune system, hence reducing the chances of getting sick. Regular physical activity, in general, can improve one’s well-being making a person fit.
  5. Make sure you get enough sleep

    It is necessary to get enough sleep because as it is your body is fighting hard against the disease. So, you must give your body as much rest as possible to make it able to fight against the virus.
  6. Make sure your body gets enough Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is the primary source of energy to avoid various health conditions like bone problems and weak immune system. Eat foods like egg yolks, mushrooms, salmon as they have a good amount of vitamin D. Also, regular exposure of skin to sunlight produces natural vitamin D in the body
  7. Avoid smoking or better stop it!

    Smoking is the root cause of various respiratory diseases like asthma, cancer and other infections. People who smoke regularly or even have fallen prey to passive smoking have more chances of getting infected. Avoiding smoking is beneficial for your health as well as other health and it lowers the risk of getting sick.
  8. Keep things personal

    One sick member in the family or at the workplace can pass an illness to others. To avoid this, everyone personally has to make sure that they avoid sharing personal times to avoid sharing germs. Sharing things such as towels, toothbrushes, drinking bottles, utensils should be avoided.

Viruses are present all year round ready to make you fall sick. However, following the right measures will reduce your chances of getting sick. Getting vaccinated regularly and following a healthy lifestyle and appetite are the easiest ways one can stay fit and healthy.

These are some effective measures that will help you reduce the risk of getting sick. However, if you think your condition is deteriorating and you need medical help, Pathkind Labs has a solution for every pathology related queries. We at Pathkind labs ensure the most effective and advanced methodology to detect diseases through pathology tests so the treatment can be undertaken accordingly.

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