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Kidney Profile

Kidney Profile

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Your kidneys perform various critical roles in your overall health. One of its most significant functions is to filter waste products from the blood and eliminate them from the body in the form of urine. The kidneys also serve to regulate the body's water and mineral balance. Our two kidneys are located on either side of your spine and it is the size of a human fist. Renal Profile Advance test is a series of tests that examines the. 

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Frequently asked questions

The renal profile advance test is a series of tests that examines liver function, calcium deficiencies, and renal function. To assess the kidneys' health, tests examine levels of many parameters in the blood, such as proteins, minerals, electrolytes, and sugar.

The renal profile advance test is done with two specimens, blood, and urine. Blood tests include Estimated GFR (eGFR), Serum creatinine, Electrolytes, Minerals, and waste products like urea. Urine tests comprise microalbuminuria and urinalysis.

Yes, the test needs 24 hours urine sample for the urine test.

In one working day, the rest results are shared

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