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Hematology, Immunohematology, Coagulation & Flow Cytometry

Hematology, Immunohematology, Coagulation & Flow Cytometry

CBC performed on 5-part differential counter along with peripheral smear correlation wherever required. Immunohematology tests including ABO, RH, ICT and DCT performed using gel card technology. Fully automated coagulation analyzer routinely performing PT, APTT, D-dimer, ATIII, Protein C, Protein S, Fibrinogen and Lupus anticoagulant. Hb variant analysis and HbA1c done using HPLC technology. Flow cytometry section provides Immunophenotyping of Acute and chronic Leukemia/lymphomas along with MRD analysis for B-ALL, T-ALL and AML using 10 colour panels. PNH clone analysis along with Lymphocyte subset enumeration and HLA-B27 typing also performed routinely.

Area of Operations

Haematopathology, Immunohaematology including Leukemias, CD counts & HLA B27, Specialised coagulation studies, Hb electrophoresis by HPLC, automated blood grouping and coombs testing

Other Info

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