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Pathkind Laboratory

Hematology, Immunohematology, Coagulation & Flow Cytometry

Hematology & Flow Cytometry 

Complete blood count is performed on 7-part differential counter along with peripheral smear correlation wherever required. Immunohematology tests including ABO, RH, ICT and DCT are performed using gel card technology. For coagulation parameters we have a fully automated state of the art coagulation analyser. Hb variant analysis and HbA1c is done using HPLC technology. Flow cytometry section provides Immunophenotyping of Acute and chronic Leukemia/lymphomas along with MRD analysis for B-ALL, T-ALL and AML using 10 colour panels. PNH clone analysis along with Lymphocyte subset enumeration and HLA-B27 typing also performed routinely.

Area of Operations

Haematopathology, Immunohaematology including Leukemias, CD counts & HLA B27, Specialised coagulation studies, Hb electrophoresis by HPLC, automated blood grouping and coombs testing

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