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Histopathology and Cytopathology

Histopathology and Cytopathology

The department is equipped to perform a wide array of IHC tests with a panel of more than 150 markers. We have an in house MSI/MMR panel including MLH1 , MSH2, MSH6 and PMS2 for few cases of adenocarcinoma colon. We have also recently started processing samples for frozen section reporting as well an immunoflouresence panel to report kidney biopsies.The reporting is done following the latest protocols (i.e. radical specimens are reported using the CAP protocol)

Area of Operations

We deal in Gynaec & Non Gynaec cytology including FNAC, PAP Smears, Tissue Biopsies, Fluid Cytology; Histopathology including IHC: small core biopsies to surgical specimens of benign & malignant lesion.

Other Info

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